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WWDC 2011 From June 6 – 10

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Worldwide Developers Conference 2011(WWDC) is taking place from June 6 – 10, 2011 in San Francisco. Check out the full details of what this means and what to expect.

WWDC Logo 2011

By the way, if you were thinking about going and still haven’t managed to get a pass – it’s sold out. Even at $1,599 a seat, it’s already sold out.

I’m going to just have to look forward to the exciting new stuff that comes out from this event. I’m guessing iOS and OS X changes are coming.


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iPad 2 On Course to Outsell Original

iPad 2 Stand

The iPad 2 is on pace to outsell and (already) out-demand the original iPad. On Apple’s website, iPad 2’s estimated shipping time has recently been downgraded to 2-3 weeks. Despite that news though, DigiTimes is reporting that Apple’s suppliers have reported shipped between 2.4 and 2.6 million iPad 2 tablets, and virtually every outlet that gets stock sells out almost as quickly as they arrive.

If that’s true, shipments of the iPad 2 are significantly outpacing the original iPad with further guesstimations that over 4 million additional units are expected to be shipped each month between April and June this year. If you’re doing the math, that’s over 12 million units for the second quarter of this year!

The iPad 2 has seen tremendous demand in the U.S. and globally, having sold out in nearly every retail location that made the tablet available. Lines continue to form as new inventory arrives at retail locations abroad, and strong sales have kept stock low at U.S. retailers as well. Shipping estimates for online orders placed on Apple’s website improved to 2-3 weeks last month but that is where they have remained ever since, suggesting supply still hasn’t caught up with demand. Apple’s iPad 2 launched on March 11th in the U.S., and we said in our review that it pushed Apple’s already huge lead in the tablet space even further.

When the iPad 2 was unveiled back on March 2nd and the only ‘new’ features were dualing cameras and slightly quicker processor, I recall all the Apple-haters chiming in about how silly it was to release a second generation of the SAME tablet. “It would never do well” and “Won’t sell”. All along I’ve thought that the upgrades, though minor, would be enough to make the iPad 2 a success. I’m happy to see that so far – I was right.

What should/could Apple have done to better maximize this launch? (BTW, I’m on the waiting list for mine – sigh)

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Ten for X

Mac OS X Box10 years of Mac OS X (March 24, 2011) was the date that the first full public version went on sale worldwide. With many existing Mac users kicking and screaming about the transition from OS 9, the release opened to door to a new group of users considering another look at the ‘second team’ and thinking about giving Mac a try.

I’ve been a way for a little over a week (vacation) and didn’t get a chance to post this on the anniversary day itself, but it’s still something that should be mentioned. 10 years ago, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced OS X.

Little did anyone know that Apple, at the time, was planning to open retail locations and introduce the Intel processor a few years later. I’d think that the introduction of OS X, along with other things (such as he iPod and iPhone) were the key ingredients in turning around the ‘losing’ company/brand and turning it into the powerhouse it is today.

While many specialists argue that Windows still dominates the market, I’d say that Apple and OS X have clearly made their mark. I feel that Apple was initially in competition to bring over Windows fan boys to join the ‘revolution’ but eventually grew strong enough that they didn’t have to try to convince Windows die-hards to come over. They did on their own.

Apple’s success can also be contributed to the development of a secure OS. (There hasn’t been a single virus released in the wild that affects OS X) as well as their firm belief on control over the hardware that is used to run their OS. For a long time before OS X, Windows was winning because of how you could get the OS on different hardware configurations and didn’t need to buy “Microsoft machines”, but then there was the issue of compatibility and viruses.

For history sake, in 2001, Google was still just a search engine and Windows was releasing XP SP 2 around the same time. Just ten years later and the Apple tree continues to grow.

What’s next?

The eighth significant release of OS X is coming in a few months, code-named, Lion which will introduce some unifications between the iOS and OS X platforms.

Happy anniversary, OS X.

A complete, more thorough write-up on OS X’s anniversary has been covered nicely on the ComputerWorld website.

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