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Black (Mac) Friday Deals

Apple Nov 25 Deal Banner

According to 9to5 Mac, the deals that Apple has in store for this Fridays, Black Friday Sale, have been leaked. (Kind of)

No one wants to take the blame in case they revealed deals aren’t true, so let’s get ready to fire up the rumour mill. Nothing has been confirmed of denied by Apple yet, so this is what’s in store in terms of “deals” from Apple.

Apple (may be) cutting the price of its MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac lines by $101. In addition, the company apparently will be cutting the price of the iPod Touch by $21 to $41, depending on the model customers choose. The iPod Nano would get an $11 price cut and the iPad 2 will be $41 to $61 less that day.

In addition to those things you can also expect discounts on accessories such as iPad wall mounts, mobile headsets, iPad smart covers, Bowers & Wilkins and other wireless speakers, Apple Wireless Solutions, and digital hard drives. One notable item that hasn’t been mentioned is the iPhone. If history is any indication of what’s to come, then you can thinking back to 2009’s Black Friday sale which offered the same $101 off their MacBook Pro and $31 off the iPod Touch.

But is this enough of an incentive to get anyone to not buy a PC and instead buy a Mac? – Not likely. I firmly believe that Apple hold their price fairly steady because they can. This day of ‘deals’ really is a strategic move, in my opinion, that says something is better than nothing at all. And the sales on a single day won’t impact the overall yearly sales Apple has posted the last few quarters – steadily increasing.

If you do get to an Apple store or order online, let us know what you bought by sharing on our Facebook page.

Happy Shopping



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