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Here Goes!

Alright, now that the dust has settled (sort of) I’ve decided it’s time to start my own blog. But what does that even mean? Up until a few months ago (August, to be exact) I didn’t understand what the big deal was with blogging and why people are so fascinated, until I got a promotion at work.

Oh wait, you don’t know what I do yet. I’ve been working with theadlibgroup for the past 5 years as mostly a production artist. Started off as a production co-ordinator, and this past summer moved into social media. Ta-da! Not as magical as one would expect but it’s pretty cool to see how much I’ve evolved since starting. But that’s enough about me and my boring life, it’s time to get effective with this blog and actually talk about the stuff I’m here to share.

I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to everything Apple® aka Mac products including, but not limited to hardware, software, apps, iPads, iMacs, iPods, iPhone, iDontknowhatelse, etc.. Gawd, I love Mac products and anything that has been blessed by Steve Jobbs’ hands. (Insert deep sigh here). No but really, the people I’m surrounded by, at home and work, all comment on the fact that I’m always getting the latest Apple product or that I’m crazy for waiting hours in line to be the first one to test out the brand new iPad or the iPhone. Oh, and I’ve been told that I should consider investing in Apple stocks (APPL). I don’t know how or I would. Oh and I also asked my wallet on how much we can spend on Apple stock, and it only responded with a slight moan. So, I made the executive decision to start reporting what I’m up to when it comes to Apple and tricks, tips and new technology I come across to the help out Mac die-hards that might be lingering out there. (And who knows maybe make some money if this turns out to be a success!)

I should start off by stating that I don’t work for Apple, and they don’t pay me to write this blog. I also don’t have permission to use their logos or brands and identities through my blog, so if you’re from the company and notice that something should be removed. Send me an e-mail and I’ll be happy to comply with your requests. (Disclaimer: It would be silly though to ask one of your hardcore fans to stop giving you all this fame – but whatever.)

Another note: I’m still getting my blog to look all pretty and until I decide on the proper theme, things might seem a little wonky. But that doesn’t matter, because I think no one is reading this yet.

…or are you?


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