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The iPad Pro (Rumour)

iPad Comparisons
The new year brings in new rumours of a new iPad, slated to be release in the 3rd quarter of 2014. If sources are right, that means we could see an brand new (larger) iPad as soon as October.

Could Apple use the WWDC as the place to lay the first announcement teasers of a larger iPad that could hit the market. Besides the rumoured 12.9 inch display that is capable of displaying resolutions of up to 4K, there’s also a familiar name that could be used – the iPad Pro.

Other reports meanwhile state that Apple will remove the Retina technology from its next line of iPads.
The iPad Pro would allow Apple to compete in the same space as rival Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro 12.2.

Do we need another iPad in the market? Sound off in the comments, I want to hear how you feel about this.


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iPad Air Laptop; Case Closed

ClamCase Pro
The ClamCase Pro hasn’t been released yet, but I figured that concept was really cool, so I’d give it a shot. I ended up trying this case with my iPad 2 and right away noticed a few things that made me regret my decision to get one in the first place.

Firstly, my iPad now weighed as much as a 13-inch MacBook Air and was even thicker too.

The ClamCase adds a well-designed, Bluetooth-enabled, Chiclet-style keyboard — one that includes useful special function keys and the Mac’s standard Command, Option, and Control. But it also transformed a lightweight, portable device into a 3-pound stone.

It’ll accommodate the iPad 2, 3, or 4 — all of which fit snugly into the white hard-shell plastic cover. The case’s aluminum keyboard forms the base foundation and includes four stabilizing, rubber dot feet. Between them is a unique 360-degree hinge that supports the weight of the iPad. It’s even engineered like a real clam, with a shell that’s purposefully hard to open and close.

If you push the ClamCase back too far, the natural top heaviness of the iPad sends the whole thing tipping over along with with the keyboard. This can be frustrating as the right viewing angle will vary depending on where you place the ClamCase. Like a notebook, placing it on your lap requires one angle while resting it on a desk or table calls for another.

To type on the ClamCase Pro keyboard, you’re also forced to use a landscape position. If you want to switch to a portrait view, you’ll need to apply a good tug to get the hinge to revolve the full 360 degrees. In this arrangement, the keyboard faces down under the iPad, which means you’ll want to power it off to avoid inadvertently pressing random keys.

The ClamCase isn’t for everyone though since even removing the tablet from the case is a chore. You have to basically pry it loose from the top of case, and it can take a while to get it out.

Even with its great keyboard and solid design, the ClamCase Pro simply requires too many sacrifices to give you a not-quite laptop experience.

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Highlights of iOS 6

iOS 6 Logo

Unveiled back in June at the WWDC, the 6th major update for iDevices around the world will be available for download tomorrow! With over 200 new features it’s expected to be the BEST iOS ever! (Well, until iOS 7 at least) … And before it’s out, I managed to get on the developer’s release and have highlighted the key changes to look forward to in tomorrow’s release.

Siri IconShe’s definitely growing up. Almost a year after initially being introduced in iPhones last year (with the release of the iPhone 4S) Siri has gained more abilities and powers. You’ll now be able to use voice command to launch apps on your phone. You know, if you’re too busy to launch the music player while texting your pal, Siri will take care of that for you – just say the word. Siri will also be able to tweet for you. In under 140 characters, let her know what you want your followers to know and she’ll write it out and confirm with you before sending.

In addition to that Siri will also be able to pull scores of your favourite sports, research movie times and ticket purchases, and even help to get you dinner reservations. She’s actually starting to feel like a real assistant now.

By the way, the iOS 6 update is also the first time you’ll see Siri on the iPad.

Facebook Integration
iOS device users will now be able to fire status updates at ease. Sharing photos and direct links will now be a piece of cake. Facebook integration also integrates with your contacts; and even more surprising is that events and birthdays will also be synced with iDevices’ calendar. Wow!

iOS 6 Facebook Status on iPad and iPhone

Passbook IconA new feature that kind of came out of nowhere, is Passbook: the keep-all-your-tickets-in-one application that allows it’s users to keep movie tickets, boarding passes, airline itineraries and special event tickets on your phone. Complete with the ability to store QR codes and 2D Barcodes, you’ll be able to flash the phone, scan and go. This is one application I have yet to figure out exactly how it’s going to work, but the concept is great.

Eyes Free
A cool new term drummed up by Apple’s team of awesomeness actually does what it sounds like it does. Gives drivers the ability to access their iPhones (and Siri) without having to even touch their handsets.

Apple Maps
After a long debate on what to do with the maps application, Apple has finally decides to dump Google maps for their proprietary maps applications, called MAPS. According to Apple, maps will offer turn-by-turn navigation, Siri voice command, search points of interest and even allow you to submit anonymous traffic tips.

iOS 6 Maps Overview

At last week’s keynote event, they even demonstrated the 3D rendering of maps to allow users to feel like Superman as they fly over their favourite cities in a third dimension. While I’m not convinced that maps is going to be better than Google maps, I think it’s going to take some time for this to fully flourish and become accepted. While using the developer’s version I noticed that the 3D was great in the hugely populated cities, but once you got out to farmland all the beauty was gone and you’re looking at a simple map application.

3G for FaceTime
Long gone will be the days where you had to actually wait until you were home and/or connected to a wifi before you could use FaceTime, iOS 6 now allows you to use this feature on your cellular data whether that’s 3G or LTE. Sounds great, but I’d be concerned for those users with less than 1GB of data on their monthly plans. I could see FaceTime racking up serious usage, especially if you’re a heavy user.

iOS FaceTime Sample

Email Goes VIP
There are two big improvements for the iOS email app. First, users will now be able to designate a VIP email inbox which allows you to set ‘favourites’ so that you don’t miss any of their emails and instead will be presented right up front. No having to sift through hundreds of spam to see those messages.

It’s also going to get a lot easier to add attachments to your emails. Instead of having to always use your Photo app to attach an email or file, you’ll have the option to do it right from the mail app in iOS 6. Cool feature that’s taken way too long to make an appearance in iOS.

A feature that was introduced as part of the OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) desktop version of Apple’s operating system introduces and iCloud tab syncing feature. That means that any device(s) using Mountain Lion (and Safari) that were left open, will now be able to be picked up on your iPhone, right where you left off. Basically making it easier for users to move from one Apple device to another. A seamless experience is a better experience.

iOS 6 Safari Sample

This is just scratching the surface of more than 200 new features for iOS 6. Let us know what your thoughts are on iOS 6 on my Facebook page.


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iPad 2 vs. The New iPad: What’s New?

iPad 2 and The New IPad Side by Side

So a little under a month now since the release of The New iPad and I get asked a few of the same questions, “Should I buy the iPad 2 for $399?” and “Is it worth getting rid of my iPad 2 to get the new iPad?” – So to answer those very two questions, I’ve summarized the main features that stand out when it comes to shopping for a new iPad.

The iPad 2 and new iPad have the same outer design with slight modifications that wouldn’t be noticeable unless you compared them side by side. The New iPad is 0.03 inches thicker than the iPad 2 and 0.11 lbs. heavier. So any case/holder that you had for your aging iPad 2 won’t fit The New iPad. Sorry.

New iPad Retina DisplayDisplay.
Apple’s main landing page has the headline: “RESOLUTIONARY”, and that it is. The physical size of the screen hasn’t changed (Still 9.7″ since the iPad 1) but there are many more pixels in that same area. 3.1 million pixels in the 2048 x 1536 resolution Retina Display on the new iPad is pretty sweet. The higher resolution makes it look as if you are holding an HDTV in your hand; pictures look incredibly crisp, video even crisper, and text is much sharper – If clarity is a major factor, this is for you.

iPad 2 vs. New iPad Screen Comparison

The new iPad’s A5x processor with quad-core graphics is faster the previous iPad’s A5 processor. The new processor helps make beautiful graphics possible. When I compared a game like Infinity Blade on the new iPad and the iPad 2, the difference was clear (and sharper). The game on the new iPad was more vivid and more responsive, actually felt more like a video game console as opposed to a tablet.

Things like web browsing, checking e-mail, reading books and standard apps performed at the same speed they did on the iPad 2. No noticeable improvement there.

New iPad Dictation IconDictation.
Introduced exclusively for the new iPad you can now speak your notes in to the new iPad’s mic and it will translate your speech into text entering directly into a new note, email, iMessage. Originally rumoured to be Siri on the new iPad – it’s not. Great concept and idea, but nothing something I’d personally find THAT useful. I’m sure there’s lots of people out there that were just waiting for this feature. Who knows, we may see Siri in a future generation iPad, but not this time around.

iSight IconCamera.
The new iPad comes equipped with an iSight 5.0 megapixel camera. Let’s face it, the iPad 2’s camera wasn’t that great, often taking grainy and blurry pictures. Not as great as the iPhone 4s’s 8 megapixel monster, it does take noticeably better pictures.
Ask yourself – how often will you be using your tablet to snap pictures?

The new iPad is equipped with LTE (4G) wireless cellular network capability. Which means that if your mobile carrier offers LTE, it will perform faster than older technology 3G. This ‘upgrade’ will be most noticeable for someone that’s constantly on the go and not often connected to a wifi network.

Below is a side-by-side chart with the numbers so you can have an table of the differences.
iPad 2 vs. New iPad Comparison


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The iPad Turns 2

The iPad turns 2 today. Officially released to the public on April 2, 2010 in retail and online stores, it came under heavy fire by many critics at the time. Everyone had an opinion about Apple’s latest tablet and ideas that it was setup for failure.

Steve Jobs Annonces iPad

Originally unveiled in January 2010 by Steve Jobs – he claimed “It’s so much more intimate than a laptop and so much more capable than a smartphone.” – And he was right.

Forward 2 years later and it’s success continues to grow, year over year. Apple has sold 55.28 million iPads since launching. (Up until December 31, 2011). Estimation and speculation suggests that Apple would sell another 48 million iPads in 2012 alone.

The biggest quarter yet for iPads was Q4 2011, with the company selling 15.43 million units. That’s a 111 percent increase from the same quarter a year ago. To put that in perspective, Apple sold 32 million iPads during all of its fiscal 2011.

Instead of cooling off, all signs point to the iPad gaining more popularity. With last month’s release of the New iPad, Apple reports sales of 3 million units sold in the first weekend (the highest number sold on a launch weekend for any of the previous generations)

While the official 2nd birthday of the iPad was January 27 (Since it was unveiled), today is the second anniversary since its availability to the public. Happy anniversary iPad!

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iPad 3 May Be a “Mini”

iPad 3 Mock Up Mini
Further to yesterday’s entry about why I don’t believe we can expect an iPad 3 just yet, hatches a new rumour that Apple plans to compete with the Amazon’s recent 7-inch tablet success and release an iPad “mini”. Not officially named that, but I’d be more comfortable saying that THIS could be the iPad 3 everyone is expecting on March 7. 1/3 smaller than the original 10-inch screen from the iPad 1 and 2. This would be a compact and comfortable child-freindly version.

And since they can’t sit around and wait for Kindle to gobble up that market entirely, they could speed up the release for later this year. (Q3 would be my guess) Which means this could be available to the public in the fall.

But why?
The top answer would be price. Rumoured to be in the $249-299 price range added to the recent success of the Kindle Fire means that a smaller sized tablet market exists. Then there’s a parent that wants to buy an iPad-like tablet for a child to throw around, possibly damage, that would consider a cheaper solution than a current $900 iPad.

That said, the idea of a smaller iPad is confusing to me, especially since Steve Jobs dissed the idea. But times change. Amazon has shown that a 7-inch tablet can strike a chord with consumers. Additionally, the 7.85-inch iPad can be expected to have the same 1,024×768 resolution of the iPad 2, meaning that no changes need to be made to apps to accommodate the smaller screen. Hmm, it’s like it’s already existed all along. Now it can be official.

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No iPad 3 for March 7

iPad HD Mock Up

As rumours surrounding the release of an “iPad 3” spiral out of control, I’m going to hint at the fact that all signs point to an iPad 2S or iPad HD instead of the latter. I mean, after all the changes that are being talked about seem more like ‘refreshers’ than they do ‘revamps’. Let’s review.

New features are rumoured to include a higher-resolution screen, larger megapixel camera(s), dual processors, longer-lasting battery, etc. That’s all great for what’s inside, but nothing yet mentioned, if anything, about the physical state. So far, all things are pointing to the device staying cosmetically the same on the outside. it won’t be thinner or light, or have any new physical properties – thus leads me to believe that this refresh will be dubbed iPad 2S or iPad 2 HD or some other variant.

If history is correct, release of an iPad 3 needs to have a substantial redesign and this (rumoured) version does not. Think about the iPhone 4S release this past October which was rumoured as the “iPhone 5” right up until the release date, and then everyone was shocked to learn it wasn’t the 5 yet, but rather a revised 4.

So to recap. (If) there are substantial cosmetic changes to the physical size of the newly-unveiled iPad … you can expect an iPad 3. If the changes are all internal, brace yourselves for an iPad 2 (something).

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iPad 3 Not Coming Until Mid 2012

Finally, confirmation through CNET suggests that full production on the new quad-core A6 chip won’t begin until at least the second quarter of 2012, delaying a next generation iPad (3) until at least June 2012, if not mid to late 3rd quarter in 2012.

A few neat things about the quad-core A6 chip is that it will feature “3D transistor technology” similar to the Tri-Gate technology that Intel announced in May.

If Apple wants to keep a consistent annual cycle of iPad releases there could be a a release in March/April of an iPad 3 with a modified and more powerful version of the A5 processor, but then again Apple isn’t know to cut corners, so don’t hold your breath.

Phew, so the next time someone tell you to wait for an iPad 3, you can safely say “I’m not ready to wait another year!”

iPad 3 Mock Up

A mock up of an iPad 3.

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Hands-On With iMessage

iMessage IconiMessage, coming this fall as part of the iOS 5 updates, is all the rage and many specialists are claiming that this could ultimately be the dagger that finally kills SMS – I don’t agree. While iMessage is a great concept that is similar in many ways to Blackberry’s Messenger service, you’ll notice that it’s integrated in the SMS application of your iDevice’s operating system.

That means, that for the most part, you’ll active the iMessage option in SMS settings on your phone, and when composing a new message to a contact in your phone book, it will automatically recognize if the person you’re sending to has iMessage turned on and can receive messages that way. It’s similar to the way FaceTime has to be enabled in order to receive video calls from another iPhone/iPad or MacBook.

With iMessage, you’re not using your carrier’s traditional SMS signal to send texts, it uses data. So iMessages can be sent through Wi-Fi and your 3G service, not incurring ‘text/SMS’ message fees from your carrier (if you’re on a pay-per-use plan).

In addition, you’ll be able to send pictures, videos, contacts and your location through iMessage, without picking us an additional MMS charge. Similarity to the way BBM works, you’ll be able to see when your contact reads the text message, and when they’re typing. It was also appear in the notifications centre on the lock screen, when your phone is in sleep mode.

Redmond Pie has managed to upload a hands-on video of iMessage in action on an iOS 5 beta.

iMessage will only be compatible with iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The iPhone will register your iMessage with your cell phone number, while you iPod and iPad will register your iMessenger with an email address.

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iPad Hacked to Perform Like An iPhone

Hulger iPad Phone Adaptor
I always expected that someone, somewhere would hack the iPad and turn it into a huge iPhone … It’s now a reality, or so this YouTube video claims:

The video description reads:

A hack that will change the game. Can you imagine turn your iPad to a fully functional phone.
WIth No Special Hardware all what you need is Jailbroken iPad 3G and your iPad 3G will do anything you expect from iPhone… Phone Calls, SMS, FaceTime by Phone Number… ETC
No Release Date, But Will Be Out On Cydia Store Very Soon.

While I think it’s a neat ‘trick’, I don’t feel this is very practical for someone looking to replace their handheld device. Or maybe if your iPhone runs out of juice and you need a quick solution for making emergency calls. I don’t predict any long-term plan to implement this into the iPad since it’s simply not practical. Imagine how silly a person would look holding an iPad up to the side of their face while on a phone call.

And unfortunately, if you’re like me, then you can’t take advantage of this hack since it requires a Jailbroken device, but if you’ve already been down that path and want to give this a try, enjoy.

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