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I’ll start by saying that if you’re reading this, you’ve already gone farther than most blog-readers go. Thank you! As for me, I’m just a dude. A dude, addicted to Apple and it’s products. I’m fascinated by the brand’s placements, presentation and execution.

My name is Frankie, my friends call me Snips. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to south american parents. I’m fluent in Spanish and English and can get by on a little French (not really) but I once did an entire 30-minute presentation to my grade 10 French class, so I must have been able to retain some of that. I hope.

Macintosh Rainbow LogoGrowing up in the 80’s, computers, the internet and Macintosh (way before they were known as Apple) weren’t learning tools in school. We actually had to go to the library and use encyclopedias for research on projects and assignments. I remember grade 5 and the fact that my school had a computer room with commodores. I also recall spending as much time as I could trying to beat this owl game on that computer. There was no mouse, just a keyboard and the screen was dot-matrix. It was in colour, most the screen area was black with square pixels that would light up for the images. The side of the computer (back then was one piece – minus the keyboard) had this rainbow coloured logo which I later realized was the symbol for a Macintosh (way before it was known simply as “Apple”)

Maybe there was some subliminal message that was planted in my head at a young age that growing up I always wanted to be able to play that owl game at home. Computers were expensive and my parents never considered buying anything close to a computer, let alone a Macintosh. More years went by and as computers became more and more affordable, in 1994 I remember visiting my uncle at work, he used to work as a Graphic Designer in the early days of graphic design, when it was actually being done on computers. WYSIWYG was fairly fresh territory and seeing him making all these cool designs inspired me to pick a life path. I wanted to be a graphic designer, partially because it looked cool, but also because he was working on a MAC.

I would visit my uncle at home as often as possible, and hope that he wouldn’t be home so that I could play on his MAC. (He had one) … and I remember playing with Adobe illustrator and Photoshop at 13, making simple vector faces and silly images, but most of all I remember having fun.

This was also prior to Windows 95, which was released the following year and everyone else was happy to go from DOS to Windows’ user-friendly interface. I still wanted a Mac. I begged, pleaded and did extra chores in hopes that my parents would consider buying me a computer. Months of cheerleading finally managed to pay off and they caved – they were going to buy me a computer.

I still remember walking into Future Shop at that time and the sales guy trying to sell my parents on Windows 95 and how quick and easy it was to use. The Macs were at the back of the showroom, since popularity was lacking at the time. I remember whispers about Mac going out of business because Microsoft’s Windows was gobbling up the market. I don’t know how I did it, or what I said to make it come true, but my parents finally gave in and bought me a Mac, complete with monitor and B&W printer. I’ll never forget the model – Macintosh Quadra 605! The hard drive was a whopping 250 MB! (huge at thats time) and only had floppy drive for loading external media. No internet or CD-Rom either; it wasn’t readily available (yet) either. The whole setup setting my parents back $4,000!

Macintosh Quadra 605 Hard Drive

Macintosh Quadra 605

Thinking back, I’m glad my parents did what they could to satisfy my Apple Addiction at such a young age. That helped build the foundation for what I was going to pursue as my career. As I grew up, and my Macintosh got outdated, we purchased a few PCs (since Mac was out of my budget) but deep down inside I always wanted to use a MAC again. That’s where I felt most comfortable. While in high school I still had my sights set on Graphic Design and studied toward that goal. I studied Advertising & Graphic Design in college in a 3-year program and graduated at the age of 20!

Immediately after college, I managed to volunteer at an offset print shop and eventually getting hired to run the image setter. In the early 2000s, when we used film to produce plates for offset printing presses. Large drum scanning and pre-flight were also my responsibility. It was a great place to start and especially learn, plus best of all they were MAC-based and I didn’t have to work on a PC anymore! I lasted 5 years at that place before I decided it was time for a change and managed to land a media planning gig at a boutique ad agency in Toronto.

Started in 2006 as a media planner, my pre-press background gave me the ability to move into a junior production artist position after only 3 months in that role. Quark Xpress, Photoshop and Illustrator were, and still are, my areas of expertise! Just 3 years after joining the team, I was promoted to production manager and in 2010, I was presented with the opportunity to learn something new; social media. My experience as a social media coordinator is the basis for why I ended up creating my own blog which you are reading now. Without that training and understanding, I wouldn’t have seen the value in being involved in social media spaces. I do now.

In 2012, my boutique ad agency was purchase by a larger agency just north of the city and again I was presented with the position of Agency Producer. After 7 plus years in the industry, the role has come naturally to me, and when I’m not busy paying the bills, you’ll find me blogging, tweeting and face booking.

iMac on WhiteWhat makes me a Mac Addict?
I’ve always been interested in news, trends and tips of Apple products. My friends and family constantly approach me with Apple related questions and ask for help setting up their devices, so I started thinking; Instead of doing it one on one, why not start blogging. This way I could talk to several people at once, and if a question I had already answered once before comes up, I could always point them to this blog and they could find the answers.

I use the App Store and iTunes on a daily basis. If there’s an Apple question related to hardware or software, I’d have the answer for it or I’ll find out for you! I’m not a programmer, so don’t know about specific code data, but settings, walk-throughs and how-to’s – I’ve done quite a few. I won’t say I’ve done them all, because I’m sure there’s new stuff I haven’t come across yet.

Well, that’s me (without too much personal stuff) and trying to keep it strictly Mac related. If you have any questions regarding mac topics or feel that there’s something I should discuss that would be beneficial to other MacHeads, like myself, send me an Email. I’ll always reply and I’ll thank you in advance for taking the time to send something in. You can follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook too!

I should add a disclaimer letting everyone know that my weakest subject in school was English. I mean, I can speak it amazingly well, but my essay writing skills are terrible and my grammar and punctation suffer because of it. If you’re getting a headache from poor sentence structures and run-on sentences… I’ll say sorry in advance. If you’re like me, and don’t care … Thanks for sticking around!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this long bio and hope to see you get the most out of it. I look forward to your comments.


Frankie Signed
Frankie Snips, MacAddict