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iPhone 6 Plus iSight Camera Replacement Program

iPhone 6 Plus Camera on Carpet

If you’re having issues, like I was, with your iPhone 6 Plus camera taking blurry pictures it’s not just that you’re too nervous and shaking the phone when snapping those pictures. It’s actually a known issue that Apple has acknowledged and is offering replacement of the iSight camera on eligible iPhone 6 Plus phones.

On this website, you can enter your serial number and it will instantly let you know if you qualify. After that it’s just a matter of setting up a genius appointment (or one of the other two options) to have your item repaired free of charge.

I managed to get mine replaced this past week. I was in and out in 1 hour and my selfies has never looked crisper.


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iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program Starts Today in Canada


Heads up Canada, starting today, Apple has made the iPhone 5 battery replacement program available to iPhone users that have experienced less than normal battery life.

The only catch is that your phone has to be in working order and doesn’t have a cracked screen before you bring it in for replacement.

Check your serial number here to find out if your phone is eligible.

I’ve setup a genius bar reservation for this weekend, so I’m taking mine in for the replacement program. I’ll report back on how that goes.

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Apple Replaced My iPod Nano

iPod Nano 1st GenerationShout out to Clare on Twitter for giving me a heads up on the iPod replacement program being undertaken by Apple. I don’t know many people that still have an iPod 1st generation laying around, but I do/did.

Apple press released a public recall to anyone that has a 1st Generation iPod Nano on the basis that they had detected a defect in the battery, that would cause it to over heat and could potential explode, cause a fire, etc., and they had managed to pin point the problem to one manufacturer of the batteries and it affected iPod nanos that were sold between September 2005 and December 2006 – you could go on this site and input your serial number to see if you qualify.

After I entered my info, they confirmed that my 1GB 1st generation iPod Nano was one of the units affected, so they shipped my a package from Apple in Markham to send them back the unit. It came with a prepackaged envelope, instructions and shipping label making it very simple to send them my Nano.

By the way, the entire process was updated on their website, and I was informed via email, when they received my old nano, the repair and replacement. It felt good to be kept in the loop. No guessing game.

After a week without my iPod nano, I received a notice that they had shipped a replacement unit and to my surprise I received a 6th generation iPod Nano 8GB in silver.

Replaced iPod Documentation

The entire process took 1 week – from the moment I shipped them my 1st gen, to the moment I received my replacement. And I must say that this experience has made me love being an Apple customer that much more. It’s the little things that count and this was one of the things that make me proud to be an Addict.

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