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The “Flattening” Effect

Messages Icon Before and After

The iPhone and iPad user interface is expected to change dramatically by making it “flatter,” putting it in line with many already similarly-styled apps available for iOS.

Since lead Apple hardware designer, Jony Ive, in control of the look and feel of iOS, it’s more than likely that the hardware chief will also see major changes to the user interface aesthetic and design as well. According to reports, the “flat” design will more specifically simplify the icons and user interface.

Some experienced Apple watchers expect iOS 7 to take an ‘refresh’ approach in terms of user interface changes, as the company did with OS X over the years. The design was tweaked version-on-version, rather than being significantly overhauled.

Exactly how far these changes will go remains to be seen. Designer Tim Green created a mock-up that gives an idea of what the new user interface could look like.

iOS 7 App Icon Mock Up

iOS 7 also appears to be adding additional sharing options and deeper integrations with social apps like Vimeo and Flickr. At some point next week, we will have a better view of what to expect.


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An iMac Update is Coming April/May (Rumour)

iMac on WhiteWith all the recent buzz about iPads and iPhones, we’ve all managed to overlook the iMac! Sources at CNET, via Twitter, suggest that a new iMac is set to release in April/May.

CNET iMac Tweet Capture

If you’re keeping track, the last update to the iMac lineup was in July 2010 and that was when they announced the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors with ATI Radeon graphic cards.

Major things that could be part of this iMac ‘update’ would be similar to what we saw a month ago to the refresh of MacBook Pros; Sandy Bridge processors and would likely include the new high-speed Thunderbolt port. There doesn’t appear to be any cosmetic changes reported, but in the end, no one really knows except Apple.

I’ve been considering an iMac for home use the past few weeks and have only been holding out because I had dreams of one day waking up and seeing/hearing an Apple keynote address announcing an iMac “Touch” …. Yup, exactly as it sounds. The speed and luxury of a desktop, with the ease of an iOS device. Maybe it’s just a dream, but I have a strong feeling that one day it will become a reality.

For now, an updated iMac will have to do.

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